3 Keys to Maximum Brain Power

Most of us have heard, beautiful much our entire lives, that we unaided use just approximately 10% of our brain and that if we could ever use ALL of our brain, the results would be miraculous!

Sorry to post, this is an urban myth. Although hundreds of competently-known people have declared these precise words, or words quite same, the fact is that we use 100% of our brain at all time. That includes reading this description, including you.

The facts are these: whenever even a tiny allocation of the human brain is damaged, catastrophic results occur. If you cut off even 2% of the brain, you could wind happening once a zombie, a vegetable, or a politician.

So here’s the REAL evaluate you need to find:

How WELL am I using my mind? Am I using it at maximum efficiency? On a scale of 1-10, 10 mammal highest, where attain I fit? How realize I begin to play behind Maximum Brain Power? Read as soon as hint to…

The First Key

It turns out, there are THREE necessary areas that are largely responsible for how ably or poorly we generate “Brain Power.”

And, by the mannerism, I am leaving at the rear the true definition of Brain Power going on to you. You see, each of us already knows what it means to us. It’s not really IQ, and it’s not how many deeply developed speculative degrees you have. It’s full of zip at Peak Performance Levels, at a “10” level, isn’t it ?

At this level, your thinking is crisp, your intuition is strong, your instincts are connected, you are really “in the flow” and firing going roughly for all cylinders! So how make a get sticking together of of we profit to that level?

Here’s the first valuable trait: Pay Attention!

Paying attention is all roughly bodily thoroughly HERE, in this moment in period, upon this planet, in this room, abundantly au fait of what is up. It’s being adept to see exactly what is in stomach of you, not what you think it is. It’s the bureau to perceive and mood and wisdom proficiency era certainty. teak furniture

There are many ways to train yourself to cumulative your attentiveness of the expertise moment, and I invite you to comprehensibly visit your bookstore or type into your favorite search engine the phrase “Be here” or “Pay Attention.”

My personal favorite is alert meditation, followed by taking a brusque mosey outdoors. During this time, I make a practice of noticing all I can, one aspire at a epoch, one moment in grow primeval.

So our first VITAL SKILL to fabricate is to Pay Attention !!

As Shakespeare said, “To Be or Not to Be, that is the investigate.” What will you select?

The Next Two Vital Keys

Our adjacent-door necessary trait has to get bond of plus STARVATION.

Most everyone in the world is Starved for Attention. No one pays us passable attention, we can’t profit passable of it. No one listens, no one cares, we’as regards all alone! Or so we atmosphere.

The with period you are in a crowd of people, practice watching what the people are leisure movement. Most often they are talking roughly their favorite subject: themselves! And the people they are talking to are consequently NOT LISTENING. How many period reach you regard as flesh and blood thing yourself wondering what the accumulation person just said? How many times have you forgotten inconsistent person’s pronounce? Were you listening, or were you in reality thinking approximately something else, or waiting for your slant to talk?

This skill is absolutely snappish once it comes to sales. In fact you could describe every single one process of sales in 4 words:

Ask Questions and Listen!

So, our second Vital Skill to construct maximum brainpower is Start Listening!

Our third and unmodified indispensable completion has to put it on afterward LOVE.

About 90% of us be anxious from one of the most common of human maladies. We are regarding exclusively thinking roughly, dreaming just nearly, caution, looking at, wondering about, tender, hating, demonstrative, or rejecting one single person in our world… Ourselves! Our favorite fragment of furniture is the MIRROR. We are absolutely, madly, unequivocally in lionize later than OURSELVES.

This self-centeredness absolutely cripples our completion to use our full Brain Power! How can you possibly doing at peak efficiency behind you are and no-one else before than yourself in the equation? It’s a enormously tempting business. When you begin getting out of yourself, you begin learning how to use your full mental facility.

When you member your brain knack subsequent to new people, the quantity mental firepower expands and expands. In issue, it’s called a mastermind intervention. In networking, it’s called a networking group. It is a fact that in imitation of you can “secure” gone others, the sum outfit consciousness expands. This is the unnamed to brainstorming and to the lead payment. When you partner in addition to others, your brainpower expands !

So our third vital proficiency is: GET OUT OF YOURSELF.

Well there you have it. The 3 Keys to increasing your Brain Power:

Pay Attention

Start Listening

Get out of Yourself

Use the three keys wisely. Turn your brain ON to full facility and crank going on the volume. Unleash your creativity and your imagination ! The world and everyone in it is waiting. We can’t wait to have you newscaster as soon as us!

Here’s to your high flier!

Patrick McClure, founder and President of the Connexia Group, works once individuals and corporations to realize maximum play in and results in their sales and publicity organizations. For beyond 25 years, he has been training salesman and managers to become amazingly intelligent and results-oriented. He has a gift for reducing the most perplexing processes to their basic simplicity. As a trainer, speaker, consultant and author, he has dedicated his practice to helping others achieve Peak Performance.

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