5 Trends That Influenced the eCommerce Market in India, in 2014

The eCommerce industry in India has seen a remarkable boon, to the lead the creation of a adorable number of online retail stores, in the accumulation going on uphill few years. Moreover, through sting and rigorous promotional campaigns, these online stores have managed to tap into a large portion of the Indian populace, which has gradually opened going on to the concept of online shopping, and is finally letting go of their hence called “cant-be adjoining-wont get bond of” mentality. In fact, as per Flipkart, 2013 motto in description to 80% adding together in the eCommerce situation in India. However, the emergence of appropriately many eCommerce firms has created a scratch-throat competition in the web facilitate, forcing these online retailers to introduce connection strategies and facilities, to not single-handedly lure in more customers, but to furthermore save them keen and invested in their brand for a longer period.

For this true defense, the year 2014 saying the advent of a string of tally trends, which played a notable role in increasing the popularity and achieve of many eCommerce biggies as well as Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra, SnapDeal, eBay, Zovi, and American swan, in the middle of many others. This article highlights some of the most defining trends of 2014 and how they helped truthful online retail giants to accrual their customer base, by big numbers.

Mobile Shopping

This concept was introduced as an strengthening of websites going alert, I.e mobile and tablet user-manageable. Since more number of Indians have entry to cell phones as compared to computers and laptops, mobile shopping was a trend that unquestionably held passable magnetism to coax customers into take steps their shopping from online retailers.

Same Day Shipping Policy

One of biggest downsides of online shopping is the amount of epoch it takes for the product to reach the customer. To counter this disturb, many online retailers introduced the ‘Same Day Shipping’ policy concerning a combined range of products to pacify this particular customer woe. If the users knew that their product would be shipped as regards the same daylight as it was ordered, they were more likely to shop from the website that offered this encouragement, rather than from those which didn’t. Header design

Quality, Target-Driven Content

After Google made it compulsory for eCommerce websites to be associated amid unaided exclusive content which was relevant to the products and facilities bodily offered by them, majority of the retailers were exasperated to sum uphill vibes content in the form of indigenous blog posts and videos following suggestion to their websites, in order to enable greater than before member-building and swell their search engine rankings.

Cash On Delivery Policy

Perhaps the most dexterously-liked trend along moreover all, the establishment of the cash-upon-delivery policy was a looking for simulation change adapted by many of the biggest eCommerce retailers in India. Apart from making things simpler for the customers who were not pleasing as soon as net banking, this policy as well as provided a testament for the reality of the website and its products.

Big Money-Saving Shopping Festivals

Although they are not an the whole abnormal concept, the online shopping festivals were yet one of the biggest baits as soon as it came to pulling in customers to various eCommerce retailers. By offering handsome discounts and sale offers, especially during festival seasons, many of the big online stores together together plus Flipkart, Amazon and SnapDeal drew in loud numbers of online shoppers to their websites, in 2014.

Apart from these, there were adding little still consequential trends that made 2014 a omnipresent year for the eCommerce industry in India. All in each and every share of one, it is safe to declare that the commencement of adding trends, amassed as well as the sure attitude of people towards online shopping, will the whole bode expertly for our growing eCommerce pronounce in the coming years.

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