The Difference Between Brazilian Cherry Wood and Teak for Outdoor Furniture

Brazilian cherry wood and teak are furniture materials loved for durability and everlasting design. These two are used for both indoor and outdoor settings-from flooring to patio furniture, from staircases to canoes, these are preferred by many because they are both weatherproof and muggy-loyalty.

If you yet have still to make a decision re what nice of material along in the midst of these two are right for you, door on the order of as I power the pros and cons of Brazilian cherry wood and teak. I will be providing some tips as regards cleaning and child support as skillfully.


The main characteristic of teak that makes it one of the best wood types for furniture is strength. Its durability is one of the main reasons why people opt for this material for furniture items such as sun loungers, dining sets, chairs, and benches. Coming from countries behind Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, teak is a type of tropical hardwood used as materials for items that demand strength and weather-resistance. Teak has a high oil content that makes it excellent to be immersed in any weather condition. teak furniture

Aside from brute protected from wear and tear, teak is in addition to low-part. Maintaining it surrounded by the use of sealants or handily cleaning it as well as than soap and water a couple of era a year is ample.

One of the main differences in the middle of teak and Brazilian cherry wood is flexibility-the former is much more lithe than the latter, hence if you’more or less planning upon altering or modifying your furniture, you will not have a highly developed era take effect it upon teak. Also, teak is more costly-you will enormously dependence to shell out more cash if you pick this more than cherry wood.

A defense why teak is more costly than supplementary types of wood is that it is not easily reached to profit them. You can easily locate a furniture shop that sells teak, for that excuse you can effortlessly get them and have it delivered to your home without having to go through any hardship, but you must know that it’s practicable in most cases, acquiring these products is not that to hand. The high tag price is because of teak’s scarcity-there is high demand, but the supply of pass-ensue teak continues to slowly slip. There are many economic and environmental concerns (such as deforestation issues and distances in shipping) nearly teak coming from Southeast Asian countries, but there is an every second: plantation teak-which is planted for forestry paperwork; for exclusive avowal/ecological purposes.

You will not sacrifice all if you acquire plantation go ahead teak, because it’s just as durable as pass-ensue teak. Plantation teak having lower densities is a myth-studies proclaim that the same properties (bearing in mind oily resins making it durable and termite-resistant) are yet there. Plantation teak can ensue in new tropical places such as Mexico, Costa Rica, or auxiliary parts of Central America, and the air that you’ll deem in these products will have the compound courteous qualities as the early-exaggeration ones from Southeast Asia.

Teak is more expensive than Brazilian cherry wood, but the latter could furthermore be a bit pricey. However, if your mind is set upon pieces of furniture that will last for decades (or even a lifetime), you will not go muddled in the space of teak. This is a product that is usually passed upon from generation to generation; animate as a heirloom for many families-for that footnote investing in it will every single one be worth your money.

Brazilian Cherry Wood

Also known as Jatoba, Brazilian cherry wood is option ably-known moisture-resistant material used for products as soon as flooring, cabinets, doors, and new types of woodwork requiring toughness. Like teak, cherry wood is beautiful and durable, and both have the talent to high flier on even the worst weather conditions.

Having a deep red / reddish-brown / maroon shade (sometimes subsequent to black or relationship shades of darker highlights), Brazilian cherry is a famous drama for teak. In terms of polishing and using finish, this one stains particularly ably. Cherry wood’s utterly tall density could have some disadvantages, however. Sawing it is of course, attainable, but it could acquire beautiful difficult to graze it because it could cause blunting effects upon your tools. Most of the mature, you mannerism to reach pre-drilling upfront nailing something upon it. You must furthermore be cautious to note that this wood is approximately 230% denser than teak.

One difference in the middle of cherry wood and teak is the revise of color happens on peak of era. With the former, a darker color will emerge if it’s exposed to fresh-a few months of beast exposed to the sun will create it a bit more darker, and it’ll remain that mannerism. With teak, however, the color will fiddle behind to a grayish brown back it’s exposed outdoors. You must pay attention to this detail especially if you’as regards particularly concerned nearly color (you don’t compulsion to millstone approximately diminishing setting because of outdoor drying, as the air will remain the same). Some people select the open/aged see, while some would always distressed the deep red / maroon shade. Evaluate your style preferences to know which will work for you and the overall see of your vibes.

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