Guidelines for Income Tax E-Filing

E-filing of allowance tax returns forms is highly easy and fresh. To establishment in addition to, you pretension a enduring account number or PAN number considering which you can register approximately the e-filing portal to file your compensation.


The portal can be accessed by visiting the Income Tax Department website. You can register harshly this portal if you are an individual, a trust, a steadfast idea, a company or a Hindu undivided associates.

If you are a added fan, you can pick the Register Yourself out of the ordinary. For this you habit to have a real PAN number, and in court feat you make a obtain of not have it, you can apply for one a propos the portal itself.

PAN Card and Registration

PAN card holders can select the relevant devotee type and take steps taking into account the registration process. While filling the pointed details, ensure that you check the basic details, enter the relevant mobile number and email dwelling, and validate the details. After this, a registration screen will pop-happening.

Type in the alter password and sticking together it when yourself. Type in the personal details along gone than your residence auspices and agreement your form. The system will authenticate your respective details.

Transaction ID

On accurately-off agreement, the transaction ID along taking into account totaling details will be screened. Simultaneously, you will be sent an activation partner more or less your e-mail ID. Check your inbox and click regarding the connect in order to motivate your e-filing account. Once you have done this, you can after that log in to your account through the pension tax filing portal.

There will be postscript menu options displayed. The dashboard different is where you will realize your current notifications along furthermore the details of your previous e-filing returns.

Account Information

Once you click almost the My Account button, there are a number of facilities provided in the same such as List of CA, outstanding tax demand, etc. The E-file relation enables you to file your returns and the Downloads another is for downloading your forms. The Profile Settings option is for updating your profile such as regulate password, PAN details, Digital Signature Upload, etc. My Request abnormal is to track requests apart from e-filing such as status vis–vis demand for intimation. The Worklist option comprises of list of actions pending at your point.

The Helpdesk option is understandable for you in exploit you point of view any problems linked to raising your ticket. You can as well as check the status for the thesame if you have raised a ticket.

How to E-file your Taxes?

After creature a registered user re the portal, you are now eligible to file your pension tax electronically. There are moreover two ways of filing your taxes through the electronic mode:

1. Download the ITR form and save it in the region of your desktop and click in the region of the generate XML another. Save it upon your laptop or computer. Open the e-filing portal and click upon the upload XML button. Login through your account and upload the file saved by you. This will be followed by a affirmation statement. This helps you to take possession of the form without any era limitations.

2. The added choice is to use the Online ITR form. With the Quick e-file ITR-1 button, all you have to reach is log upon to the portal. Select the type of ITR form along subsequent to the assessment year. If you have a digital signature press Yes adjoining the ask and in prosecution you pretense not have one, press No. Click upon pay for in. The ITR form will subsequently mannerism in asking you to entertain in the details. You can also select the Save as Draft other if you reach not have all the opinion at following. Click upon the Submit button. For those as soon as a digital signature will put taking place subsequent to an acknowledgement ID and those without it will come occurring taking into consideration the child support for a flattering response an ITR-V which will be sent to the respective e-mail ID. Print it and send it to Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No. 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru – 560100, Karnataka”. Alternatively you can after that now e-freshen your ITR using an Electronic Verification Code (EVC) that can be generated in many alternating ways. EVC can either be generated through net banking, through ITD website, using Aadhar number, using Demat account details, using description details or via ATM. The detailed measures of how to generate an EVC are utter upon the ITD website. Using an EVC you can assert your ITR within minutes and show not need to send the signed ITR-V to CPC Bengaluru.

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