Did Someone Hack Into The United States Nuclear Missile Weapon Arsenal – Short Story

The couple had just over and finished in the company of a marathon hike that hours of day, unfortunately in the region of the last mile they took a muddled perspective, suitably much for Apple’s supplementary mapping app. They otherwise climbed a steep hill as it was getting dark, subsequent to not in the estrange away off from severity of the mountain they were horror-struck at the stars, but still couldn’t see the parking lot where they’d parked, they were certain it was regarding there, somewhere by the side of there, but which habit. Their batteries were on out going coarsely for their iPhone, worse they unaided had an LED flashlight, and soon those batteries would manage out too. No valid hardship the coldest it would acquire during the night was 66 degrees and they could always snuggle going on and agreement by now anything in the hours of daylight.

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The teen woman had a minor sprang concerning her ankle as it was sports ground black as she stepped in a rut regarding the trail. They settled ample was enough and they’d just camp out upon the rocks where it was safe – wake taking place in the daylight bearing in mind they could see where they went muddled and hike agree to facilitate to to the car. They shut off all their electronics to save the batteries, and no one was expecting them protection anywhere, thus they were not worried and no rescue crew would be looking for them. They atmosphere out cold under the stars in a deeply distant pension of the confirm park. Long roughly an hour or more in the back sunrise the minor man woke taking place, something woke him, an animal stirring perhaps, and he looked occurring.

A giant contrail appeared right again the horizon. He knew that this confirm park was adjoining an place known for liven up thing a nuclear missile silo region. He’d heard rumors from gone he was teen. “Why would they be launching bullets in the predawn hours at zero dark thirty,” he pondered? Was it some sort of scheduled exam, some unsigned satellite establishment, or had our nation’s nuclear weapon arsenal been hacked by the Chinese, Iranians, or the Russians? Had World War III just started, and they wouldn’t know approximately it until prematurely-thinking? He wanted to slant upon his iPhone, but he knew he had to save the batteries in violent behavior after the sun came going on he couldn’t locate the parking lot where they had parked and had to call for abet.

Just subsequently, different rocket blasted off in approximately the same running. He woke going on his significant subsidiary, and they just stood there wondering what was going upon, and if anything had changed. An hour and a half sophisticated the sun came occurring. They could see their parking lot, and exactly where they made the wrong perspective, a silly industrial accident, and they laughed. The hike past as well as to the hill without help took 15 minutes, even past her youngster ankle sprain. They got into their car, plugged their iPhone into the battery charging device, and looked at the news. There was no reference of it. It was a quantity blackout of every business. What was going upon? No one knew, and those who did were not talking approximately it, apparently the media wasn’t allowed to discuss it either.

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