How to Start an Amazon Store

  • Check out the web page of Amazon Associates. If you have your own Amazon account, you may use your existing password and username to log in. If you don’t have an account yet, make one and use your information to log in to Associates program.
  • Finish the application form once you’ve logged in. Enter all of the needed personal details and provide a brief profile of your site along with your URL. Then, click the Submit button as soon as you are done with your application.
  • Check email on a regular basis for the confirmation email from Amazon Affiliate program. Click an activation link in your email and log in to the new Affiliate account.
  • Choose a Store tab from the menu and choose Build aStore Now button from the screen’s top right corner. Add the store page by choosing Add a Category button. Give your page a name, corresponding to the kind of products you’ll be listing on it.
  • Click the button that corresponds to your preferred product display option. The options enable you to browse for the products yourself, pick the products from the Amazon Listmania listings or choose the items from the best selling listings, which are arranged by category.
  • Add the products to the store by entering an item number or choosing them from of your preferred listings. Pick products, which complement the services or goods offered by your own business. For instance, once you manage a photography studio, choose the best-selling digital cameras, studio lighting tools, and tripod.
  • Arrange your products as preferred and click the link at the menu to return to the category page and continue.
  • Choose your preferred color scheme and theme from a drop-down menu at the top part of the screen. When you’ve decided on a particular theme, you may customize color schemes by choosing a color box from every section, which makes up the layout of your store.

Starting an Amazon store isn’t complicated. What you only need to do is to follow the instructions provided for you to ensure that you’re doing the right steps. As long as you have followed the instructions correctly, you can be assured that you will get the best results as you will be able to manage your Amazon store with ease and peace of mind. So, follow these steps now and find out more about how to make most of your Amazon store.


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