Study: Cause-driven Gen Zers expect a lot from brands

Dive Brief:

  • Gen Z is the first generation fully comfortable online and offline with a demonstrated ability to simultaneously utilize digital, physical and hybrid tools, according to a report by business intelligence platform PSFK. The report surveyed more than 500 Gen Zers and millennials to uncover the differences in the generations’ values, priorities and behaviors.
  • The survey also shows that Gen Z is a driving force in the pending shift in tech use, especially compared to millennials, who are 15% more likely than Gen Zers to use desktops and laptops for online activity. More than one-third of Gen Z respondents said they’re always online via their smartphones, and 60% believe online friendships are just as powerful as real-life relationships.
  • Brands have a learning curve ahead of them in understanding Gen Z and how the generation characterizes its identity, community and goals. Overall, Gen Z has a strong sense of purpose and feels connected to important causes, and 69% think brands should help them achieve their goals. Thirty percent have felt excluded by brands because of their identities.


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