Tank Stars Guide

In this share, we will learn more or less the tanks, how to remodel tanks, weapons, how to remodel weapons, modes, and much more.


At the start of the game, you have Abrams tank. You can unlock new tanks using coins. Earn coins by getting victories in the battles or get your hands on into the forgive chests. All the tanks have a swing set of weapons. Heres the list of tanks featured in Tank Stars game:








HP stat of all the tanks is swap. You can store it by upgrading the tank.

How to improve a tank in Tank Stars game?

Its easy! All you compulsion is tank cards. For instance, I ache to rearrange my Specter tank. To modernize Specter tank, I dependence Specter tank cards. You can furthermore tank cards by motivate the chests. Upgrading increases the HP stat of a tank and it costs you coins. If you have, later to improve: gathering the main screen -> pick a mode -> swipe and select that tank -> remodel -> insist. mobilewarhacks.club cheats


In Tank Stars game, each tank owns six unique weapons. For instance, Spectre:


Alien Probe

Tesla Zone

Orbital Strike


Cannon Drone

You can remodel each weapon or raise it from one star to five stars by upgrading. Upgrading increases the flashing points.

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How to modernize a weapon in Tank Stars game?

Its same to tank upgrading. You need specific weapon cards for a specific weapon rearrange. For instance, to remodel Railgun(weapon), 25 railgun cards are required. You can acquire these cards by inauguration the chests.

If you have, as well as to rearrange a weapon -> mass the main screen -> choose a mode -> switch to that tank -> rearrange -> tap the weapon you sensitive to rearrange. It costs you coins.


Tank stars game features four game modes;

Vs Computer

Vs Friend

Online PvP


Among all these modes, the tournament is the single-handedly mode in which you have to pick join up tanks. In this mode, your object is to extinguish the waves of enemies; you can choose occurring to two tanks. Completing this mode rewards you premium chests; heroic, epic, and legendary. You compulsion at least six tanks to unchangeable all the sub-modes; open, acclaimed, and legendary. Because you can not select the same tank subsequent to again and more than subsequent to behind more.

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